Deciphering the Mindset behind the anti-Turkey Bias in European Reporting


Insight Turkey Volume 19 No. 2, 2017

Generalizations should not normally find their way into serious academic publications; yet in analyzing European media reports on modern Turkey, one has no choice. Sadly one concludes that besides some noteworthy exceptions, in principle mostly negative, often insulting or derogatory remarks are printed or shown on primetime television; at best cheap anti-Turkey propaganda, at worst outright insults and lies. Hence, arriving at that one-off generalization is made easy. It requires reading and listening but as suitable quotes and headlines can be found basically every week, sometimes every day, sourcing material is no obstacle at all. Evaluating European mainstream media in a number of countries over any given period of time is sufficient.

Yet arguing the case that all our European colleagues have become anti- Turkey out of their own free will is wrong; of course they have not! Some –for one reason or another– are members of the verbally assaulting Turkey group by default but it is in principle their editors and publishers who have picked Turkey as their preferred demonizing subject and unless one wants to lose their job what can
you do?

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