Insight Turkey

Editor's Note Volume 16 No 2

FAIR AND TRANSPARENT elections provide an opportunity for citizens to continue or discontinue with the incumbent administrations and political parties. Elections are also moments for the renewal of confidence or expressing popular discontent with the ruling political authority.

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The AK Party’s Last Decade in the Areas of Economy, Society and Politics

Organized by the Insight Turkey, a peer-reviewed quarterly in English published by the Foundation for Political, Economic and Social Research (SETA), the panel entitled “The AK Party’s Last Decade in the Areas of Economy, Society and Politics” was held in SETA, Ankara.

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Editor's Note Volume 15 No 4

TALİP KÜÇÜKCAN<br /><br />AS TURKEY prepares for local, presidential and general elections in the next two years, domestic and foreign policy issues are becoming central topics of public debate in the context of democratization, economic development, and regional stability.

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Editor's Note Volume 15 No 3

İHSAN DAĞI<br /><br />Again, momentous events are taking place in Turkey and its neighborhood. A civil unrest hit Turkey for weeks in May and June over a government project aimed at rebuilding a replica of an old military barrack in Istanbul’s Gezi Park.

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First Annual Conference: Debating 'New Turkey'

Insight Turkey held its first annual conference on December 3rd, 2010 in Washington, D.C. The one-day conference, composed of 3 separate panels with a total of 11 speakers, aimed to showcase and introduce the journal’s mission to international academics, politicians, and policy makers.

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