15 Years of AK Party Rule: An Evaluation in Terms of Health and Health Policies


Insight Turkey Volume 19 No. 2, 2017

Health has been at the forefront of the radical transformations undertaken by the AK Party during their 15 years in power to date. The AK Party was established in 2001, it has won all of the elections since the November 2002 general election, and has now been in power for 15 years. In 2002, the AK Party introduced its general reform framework, the Emergency Action Program (EAP), and its health reform plan, the Health Transformation Program (HTP),which is a health sector policy based on the EAP. Since its implementation in 2003, access to health services has improved, community health status indicators have improved, the level of satisfaction with health services has increased, and citizens have been protected from financial risks.

This article evaluates the 15 years of leadership of the AK Party in terms of health and health policies using the Health System Framework of the WHO. Many frameworks can be used to assess health systems, reforms or policies; these frameworks are similar and include the functions of a health system, that is, its building blocks. In addition to building blocks, the Health System Framework of the WHO includes the objectives and results of a health system (Figure 1). In conducting the present analysis, the WHO framework has been preferred for this reason.

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